About Us

It’s a unique restrolounge that would go beyond the definition of restaurant, lounge, bar and a place to relax and rejoice. SAFARI is a unique destination for fun seekers, offering a heady cocktail of drinks, music and food in an enchanting ambience inspired by nature and modernity.

Decidedly upmarket in its offerings but at prices everyone can afford, SAFARI lets you indulge gastronomical tastes with choicest offerings from around the world. If you love to relax with a drink in your hand, you will never tire of the variety of creatively inspired beverages on our menu. If you love music, you can expect to satisfy your soul with everything from thumping beats of live rock bands or the soothing calm of sufi music by live performers on special nights. There is never a dull moment here at SAFARI . Go all out and try karaoke—it is sheer bliss to sing your favorite song which our DJ will obligingly load for you. What sets us apart is our warm hospitality, each guest receiving graciously charming personal attention to make him and his entourage feel like princes. It is the experience you will love and we guarantee it can become addictive enough to want you to make SAFARI your regular hangout.


Inside each of us is a person who wants to emerge from the shell and enjoy. While extremely sophisticated ambiences can be stifling, our natural ambience and the laid back atmosphere with mix of bamboo, grass and open air with shades of cool blue lights is where you feel immersive at home.


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